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Tanning Lotions
Tanning Lotions

Sunless tanning lotions, gels and creams have become sought after products in recent years. Getting a natural suntan requires several hours in the sun, which is very dangerous over time. There are also individuals that do not tan in the sun. These sunless tan lotions are the perfect solution for safe and fast tans without the risk of sun damage.

There are a range of different types of skin tanning products that can be purchased that are beyond lotions. Self-tan sprays are also very popular and easy to apply. Many individuals like to remain tan all year long but do not want to be exposed to the inherent dangers of the sun.

The lotions work by the inclusion of a chemical that is called DHA which cause the upper layer of the skin to become tan. The end results are a nice bronze that mimics a natural tan. This tan will normally last for up to a week without fading.

The new tanning lotions do not use pigments to provide a tanned skin tone. Tanning pigments often give a very unnatural tan, usually appearing orange in color. They also tend to stain the clothes when applied on to the skin. The new sunless tanning lotions eliminate these problems and are known to provide sun kissed looking tans.

Tanners will find many advantages to using self tanning lotions and other similar products. The main advantage is not having to expose the skin to UV rays to obtain a sun tan. UV rays have been known to cause skin cancer at should be avoided whenever possible. Sunless tanning lotions typically include sunscreen.

Sunless tanning lotions are certainly a safer way to receive a sun tan than exposure to the sun or tanning beds. These skin tan products are not difficult to use and the last for a good amount of time. The skin appears naturally tan as soon as the lotion is applied to the skin.

You can find complete details about the reasons why you should use tanning lotions and more information about the best spray suntan on our site, now.

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