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Airbrush Tan

Airbrush Tan

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Airbrush Tan


Important Facts About Product

Hydrates and protects all skin types

Instantly tints skin to avoid streaks or patches

Get the best dark tan for face and body

Nice dark colors sets in about three hours

Results in natural-looking bronzed appearance on the face and body

Great for all skin types

Work super fast and easy

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Airbrush Tan

There Are Different Big Reasons That Airbrush Tan Is SafestThe new fad which prevents developing skin cancer by exposing ourselves to U. V. Rays is called airbrush tan. Rather than killing your skin cells a few times a week in a tan booth, there are better options. Getting a airbrush tan gun and giving yourself a tan in your own home is far safer.

Yes, airbrush tan can give you the real San Tropes colour, or the lighter coloured African Americans' tone instantly. As it hasn't been proven bad for you, it really is far better than sun beds. People trust airbrush tan because it hasn't caused illnesses, the tan bed may have the same argument, but skin cancer doesn't just appear suddenly! How far does one need to go with this idea of how we are supposed to look. Those who say darker is sexy, will love the airbrush tan effect. If a man goes out with a girl and she came out of the shower a different colour to the one that he met earlier that evening, he might be freaked out, that is why airbrush tan is longer- lasting.

From the male perspective, they are colour blinded by certain other female attributes, but a nice bronze skin tone is a major focus for men while 'scouting for chicks'. A stunning airbrush tan result is among the list of qualities that really turn heads. With a quality airbrush tan product, there will be no streak lines on the bed sheets that need power hosing.

The quality of the skin is as important as the colour, which is why airbrush tan gives you that natural feel. Many have seen seen what happens when applying low quality tan. Quality airbrush tan is by far the best and most stunning option.

AS for living in countries such as Ireland or Scotland, a small bit of Airbrush Tan may help hide freckles. It is great for red heads who may be self conscious. When you are successful and do go on frequent holidays to warmer countries, it's a small bit of work to get the perfect airbrush tan result and enjoy your break.

Important Info Sun Laboratories Self Tanner

Find a summary of the benefits of airbrush tanning sessions and super tips on how to get the perfect tanning lotion, now.

Here are Some Product Reviews

5 out of 5
Awesome self-tanner!! from San Francisco, CA Verified Purchaser
I just got this yesterday and used it for the first time last night all over my body. It was relatively easy to apply (although I washed my hands throughout the application process to avoid staining them). I was so happy with the results that I used it on my face when I woke up this morn. I just went into the bathroom at work and was like, 'I look tan!!' I've been avoiding the sun for the past three years, so it's the first time I've seen myself tan in a long time, and I love it!! It is a nice, golden color, too--exactly the way my skin looks when it's really tan. The smell is nice when you put it on, but it does fade into that self-tanner smell after awhile. That and the price are the only drawbacks--well worth it in my opinion. Review posted 3/12/2012.

5 out of 5
great self tanner! from Shenandoah junction, WV Verified Purchaser
love the almond scent, non streaking and the color is a beautiful brown, not orange like some other self tanners I have tried in the past. Review posted 7/10/2011.

5 out of 5
The best self tanner i have ever used!' MM from Flagstaff, AZ Verified Purchaser
The Sun self tanning lotion is the best self tanner i have ever used. It has a beatiful golden color and does not strek. it look like a natural tan! Review posted 1/28/2011.

5 out of 5
Instant natural looking tan! from Streetsboro, OH Verified Purchaser
Finally! Results in ONE night, no orangey color, no stained clothes! I used this product 3 nights in a row and instantly had a great looking tan! AND it really made my skin feel great after washing it off the next day... like it added oil-free moisture! I tend to have problematic skin (redness, dry patches but also breakouts on my back) and so sunless tanners usually add to the problems but not this one. Review posted 12/24/2012.

5 out of 5
Great smelling spray tan from san Francisco, CA Verified Purchaser
Smells great, like cherry almond and goes on smooth, no streaks, excellent self tanning spray and I've been using them a long time. I used to use St Tropez but now I'm a fan of this brand. Review posted 4/14/2012.

5 out of 5
Very good, realistic color from a self-tanner from Ipswich, MA Verified Purchaser
The best quality of this self-tanner is that it contains a color guide that actually stains your skin (some of it washes off, but part of the color guide remains and is long lasting) and so the color guard tint adds to the DHA self-tanner color...this makes the resulting 'tan' more realistic than a DHA self-tan alone would be. Normally I avoid self-tanners with color guides as they tend to be messy, to stain clothing and look dirty, but this product's color guide actually has a purpose in that it improves the final tan color. That usually isn't the case, especially with most drugstore self-tanners. Also, this product has very little of that unattractive self-tanner scent. Lastly, because the concentration of DHA is quite high, you use less (one or two coats) to get a dark color, but you avoid being orange because of the residual stain of the color guide. The end result is a reddish brown tan color. This is pricey, but will last a long time and a worthwhile investment if you tend to turn orange with self-tanners. Good product! Review posted 11/7/2007.

Ingredient List: Sun Laboratories DarkSunsation Self Tanning Spray

Purified Water, Ethoxydiglycol, Dihydroxyacetone, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Barbedensis Gel, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance, Citric Acid, Sodium Metabisulfite, Tetrasodium EDTA.

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