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Finding the best indoor tanning lotion is a breeze, if you know what you are looking for. There are so many best indoor tanning lotion options, these days tanning lotions have as many added benefits as any other cosmetic out there. Let's explore some of the different best indoor tanning lotion options and why you may like them.

The first choice to make when searching for the best indoor tanning lotion is whether you want a cr?me, oil, or lotion. Oils are messier but ensure thorough coverage, since it is very obvious where is has and has not been applied. Some cr?mes are even whipped for a light, weightless application: perfect for times when you won't be able to wash it off immediately.

Skin sensitivity is an important factor in choosing the best indoor tanning lotion brand as well. It may not matter, if you are not particularly sensitive to irritants. However, most people are sensitive to fragrance or other common additives, so it's necessary to avoid certain lines or formulas.

Once you have determined the format you want, and the ingredients you don't, then you must consider how you plan to tan. Tanning in a bed requires very different formulas from in a booth, as your skin will be in contact with the ingredients. Some may damage the plastic of the equipment, so be sure you have a bed or booth specific formula.

The added benefits we are discussing come into play in the forms of anything from bronzers to scent. You can buy the best indoor tanning lotion products that include artificial bronzing agents to boost your color. You may enjoy the cooling touch of tea-tree, or want a papaya scent instead of coconut.

While the best indoor tanning lotion options aren't endless, some details are more flexible than others. Organic compounds would have very different additives and a different shelf life than synthetics. By avoiding synthetic materials, you may be eliminating some benefits like coloring agents or stronger conditioners. However, what you would trade by eliminating certain synthetics like bronzers, you would make up for in healthy ingredients and the knowledge your skin is protected naturally.

You may need to test a few different brands of best indoor tanning lotions before settling on the best indoor tanning lotion for your needs. The best way to know for certain is to test a brand over the course of a few sessions to really familiarize yourself with what it offers. Then, switch brands and note the changes in your skin, in terms of conditioning and color. It may take a few weeks or months, but once you find the best indoor tanning lotion, you'll be glad of having experimented.

You can find information about the best indoor tanning lotion by searching the World Wide Web. Bronzer tanning lotion adds an extra glow to your sunless tanning results.

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