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Finding the best sunless tanning lotion can be a trial and error process. Some people prefer certain brands over others. The great thing about sunless tan lotion is that you are not exposing your precious skin to the harmful rays of the sun.

Some people shy away from these products because they can leave streaks. Some products have a certain non flattering smell. This leads people to only apply this at night when they will not have to go out in public. Poorly mixed lotions can actually make your freckles and moles darker, so be careful.

As the popularity for these products increases so does the research. Technology is getting better and so are the lotions along with it. The ability for a lotion to apply smooth steady and streak free is getting better and better. And manufacturers have heard the cries of wanting consumers and have made the lotions smell better.

The right lotions will be streak less, smell good and now they will act as moisturizers. They can be worn outside without the worry of smelling or looking funny. Sprays can be difficult to apply by yourself evenly.

Many lotions will be matched to your skin tone, or you can select the color you think would look the best. The lotions come in various shades of bronze, brown or a golden tint. There are different pleasant fragrances also.

You skin should be left feeling silky smooth after application. There should not be any sticky residue left over. The colors should look natural not fake or artificial. Some lotions are actually in gel form. Some come with special applicators too prevent any streaking.

You will know when you found the best sunless tanning lotions. People will ask you if you had just been out tanning or if you just got back from vacation. You will have a glowing complexion and your body will look and feel silky smooth.

Sun Laboratories' aerosol spray tan dries quickly, is light and convenient to use. You can view Sun Labs' range of tanning and self-tanning products and find tips on how to choose the best sunless tanning lotion, now.

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Best Sunless Tan Lotions

Best Sunless Tanning Lotion

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