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Fake Bake Fire Maximizer is a unique two-in-one formula combining dark tan maximizers with self-tanning bronzers to give you a deep natural-looking fake bake tan...instantly! Use of this product will give you the best fake bake tan ever.

This product is designed for ' tanners' who want to dramatically darken their existing tan. Fire Gel's advanced tanning agents deliver a quick, more intense and longer lasting tan while catalyzing the formation of Melanin for the richest, darkest tan possible.

It contains bioactive complexes with cell rejuvenating properties. Try the Fire Maximizer Gel before fake bake tanning.

The Gel maximizes the use of Tyrosine, Tyrosilane-C, Ultrasomes and walnut oil for the richest, darkest tan possible. Contains Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant, hyaluronic Acid and vegetable oils to soothe and moisturize, keeping skin healthy.

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