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Fake And Bake Tanning Use Ultra Dark Lotion 4 oz

Some of the best fake bake tan products are available as a topical application, which enables you to procure a tan as per your needs. Additionally, these lotions or creams comprise dihydroxyacetone as the primary ingredient. A large variety of these products are available and users have the option of choosing products that contain skin care additives.

The primary ingredient combines with the proteins present in your skins outermost layer, which results in the oxidation process. You will achieve a darker tan by choosing a product containing a higher concentration of dihydroxyacetone. The component varies from three to ten percent; however, as the natural exfoliation of the skin occurs, you will lose the effect of the tanning products.

An important advantage of fake tanning is that you are able to hide skin problems, such as pigmentation or broken capillaries. If you choose the natural method to acquire the bronze shade, the exposure to the sunlight causes further damage to your skin. Moreover, the ultraviolet rays can create extensive harm to the texture of the skin and hence this method is more preferable.

Before applying the cream or lotion, it is advisable to use a scrub to remove any uneven patches on the skin. Additionally, you must remove any hair that may be present on the skin by shaving one day prior to the application of the lotion. You must also not apply any moisturizer before applying the tanning product because it may result in an uneven tan.

To procure an even shade, it is recommended to use the product immediately after a bath using outward strokes emerging from the center. In case, you apply an excess quantity, you must rub it off by wetting your hands. Finally, you must not use these products on your face because the several twists of face muscles will not provide an even tan.

Using the best fake bake tan products is a superior method to procure the skin color desired by numerous people. However, you must research all the options before making your choice. This ensures you do not cause any damage to your skin.

You can find more information about Sun Labs' Fake Bake Fire Maximizer and details about the reasons why it's important to use sun tan lotion every day on our site, now.

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Fake Bake Tanning Products

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