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Employing a self tanner lotion is a much better alternative than sunbathing or tanning beds because it will mean being exposed to ultraviolet rays won't be necessary. Formulas within these tanning products are improving dramatically recently, and most will have a very natural appearance when properly applied.

The main key for success when using tanning creams and lotions will be to spread these products on the body evenly so that they don't have dark and light regions. Also, any areas on the body must be exfoliated first. This ensures that users are getting a tan that will be even looking.

Always be sure to moisturize areas that are rough and dry for increasing the odds of success. This normally will include your knees and elbows. Moisturizing and exfoliating should start a few days before planning to apply the cream. By doing this, it helps the product to stick to your skin far easier.

Right before applying the lotion, it is suggested to shower first and use a mild body wash. It will smooth out the rough areas as well as removing any dead skin cells. Also, it's advised to wax or shave your legs also to make sure they are at their absolute smoothest before beginning the process.

Whenever actually applying these products, always stored in a single area and apply to your skin as smoothly as possible. Make sure that you are avoiding your toes and fingers because these areas don't tan effectively. Whenever finished, make sure everything is thoroughly dry before you touch any surfaces including your clothes or other objects. This process will usually take around an hour or so.

Finally, after you've applied the self tanner always wash the hands thoroughly using soap and water. This helps in avoiding turning the palms to an orange looking color. Additionally, it's recommended you test small portions of your skin first.

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