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Self Tanning, also known as sunless tanning, utilizes special chemicals to produce the effect of a suntan without sun exposure. These sunless methods have become more popular within the last half a century, following health concerns. Health officials began linking sunbeds and sun exposure to the occurrence of skin cancer. Sunless products are a way to get the results of sun exposure without using products with high risks.

Products that include Carotenoid, in some form, are considered highly effective. They are present in many fruits and vegetables with strong pigmentation. Carotenoids contain beta-carotene, a natural and permanent ingredient.

Special pills can be consumed to change the appearance of the skin as well. Typically these pills have beta-carotene. This active ingredient has not been linked to side effects, but when taken excessively, may lead to orange or yellow skin tone.

Canthaxanthin is another ingredient that may be found in these pills, though it is not very common. This is because it has been linked to harmful side effects such as hepatitis, destruction to the digestive system and canthaxanthin retinopathy. Canthaxanthin is believed to work by depositing throughout the body, particularly in the fat layers below the skin, causing the skin to develop a brown or orange coloring. Typically Canthaxanthin is found in color additives used for food.

There are other products that may be used, most including ingredients such as Tyrosine, Afamelanotide, or DHA, dihydroxyacetone. Bronzers are another option for a temporary tan. They can be found in sprays, lotions, gels, mousses, powders and moisturizers.

An important fact regarding these sunless options is that they do not offer sun protection. Individuals seeking protection should invest in sunscreen products. Keep in mind that tanners may cause an allergic reaction and are likely to stain fabrics.

A popular alternative to outdoor tanning and sunbeds is called self tanning. This method can produce results that are similar to, if not the same or better than, results seen from using a sunbed or sunbathing. Plus, it does not include as harmful of effects. Most sunless techniques involve a topical formula or a special pill.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of self tanning today! You can achieve the glowing and healthy tan you want quickly and easily when you use self tanning spray.

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