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Self Tanning

Self Tanning

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Self Tanning

Some time around the 1960s, studies by health officials related to skin cancer and sun exposure and sunbed impacted the way many people chose to tan. Following this study, the emergence of self tanning, or sunless, became more popular. These methods and products allowed individuals to tan their skin in a similar way, without the high risk of side effects.

Today, Carotenoid-based products are commonly used. Carotenoids are found in nature, particularly vegetables or fruits that have highly pigmented color. These products also contain beta-carotene, an ingredient that is both permanent and natural.

Pills are just one of the ways to obtain a sunless tan. Many of these pills include beta-carotene or canthaxanthin. Beta-carotene is not known to cause any harmful side effects. Though in large doses, it can cause the skin to turn yellow or orange in color.

On the other hand, Canthaxanthin has been linked to side effects such as hepatitis, retinopathy and problems with the digestive system. This ingredient, when consumed, deposits within the body, even to the fat layers under the skin. The skin then turns an orange or brown hue. Typically canthaxanthin is used exclusively in color additives found in food.

There are other products that can offer a sunless tan. Bronzers are a common option for a temporary tan. These products may be in gels, sprays, powders, lotions, moisturizers, or mousses. Other active ingredients found in sunless products include Tyrosine, dihydroxyacetone, or Afamelanotide.

None of these sunless formulas include ingredients designed to protect against sun exposure. Therefore, individuals seeking sun protection should look into sunblock products. Keep in mind that self tanners may cause allergies and are capable of staining fabrics.

A popular alternative method to sunbeds and outdoor tanning is self tanning. This process can result in a tan that is similar to, if not better than, that obtained through other means. Some examples of common sunless practices: topical creams and pills.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of self tanning today! You can achieve the healthy and glowing tan you want easily and quickly when you use self tanning spray.

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