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Sunbathing to get a suntan is now known to be risky. Many more people are turning to the use of self tanning lotions to produce that healthy bronzed glow. Not all the commercial products are effective or produce a good result so be prepared to try a few before you get the results you want.

Your friends may look great, but you may not get the same look when you try the same product. Carrying out a patch test is the best way to find out if a product is right for you. Rather than go out and buy the lotion, ask you friend for a little to test it first. A patch test should let you know if you will have an allergic reaction to the product.

It is best to allow the patch test 24 hours to work. If you think the test patch color is not quite right, it is advisable not to purchase that product. Using it all over just makes the end results look worse and it may look very streaky or like and orange.

If you find the store bought products too expensive, why not try making your own. The internet is a great source for finding information and tips on how to make self tanning lotions. You can find out everything you need to know about making your own and how to use it to get the best results.

You will find important skin preparation advice which is important when you want to use a self tanning product. You have peace of mind because you know exactly what is going into the lotion. Unlike with products you can purchase, they may give you a list of ingredients, but you have not a clue what they are.

Health stores sell a range of natural and herbal products for self tanning. These natural products are beneficial if your skin is sensitive because they do not contain chemicals. They are made from herbs and plants and should not cause any adverse skin reactions.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of using self tanning lotions to achieve a healthy tan year round. You can get the details about the tanning sunless options available today.

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