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Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion dark will have the user looking as if they spent hours in the sun. The sunshine in a bottle is an excellent alternative to exposing oneself to the harmful rays of the sun. It is also a time saver since the typical alternative was to soak up the rays of the sun for days on end. Fewer people have such leisure time to sun tan. Many too want to expose themselves much less to the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays.

Skin cancer is a growing concern since there is much more evidence indicating how exposure to the sun can be a health hazard. Too many fair skinned people are vulnerable to burns as well as melanomas. Their skin contains smaller amounts of pigment that help to protect from sun burns. Darker pigmented skin provides a natural shield from sun burns. So that is another great reason to use Sun Laboratories products.

This pleasant smelling lotion will not leave any unattractive streaks. It will produce an even, natural looking tan that is a pleasant alternative to the chalky looking complexion that the winter months can produce. The lotion provides an improved alternative to exposure to the sun's damaging results to the skin.

The ingredients in Sun Laboratories product provide the consumer with a tan any time of the year. They will soon be receiving compliments on their healthy appearance. The three part system consists of the exfoliation gel that removes any dead skin. It will provide a smooth, fresh skin surface for absorbing the product. The best place to exfoliate is in the shower where it can be done two or three days prior to applying the actual lotion.

The aromatic cherry almond scent enhances the experience and should be used in small amounts since a little goes far. Medium skin toned people are ideal candidates for using the dark version of this formula and as a positive side effect there will be no unsightly streaks left on bed linen. Fabric staining has been a chronic problem in the past with these kinds of products.

The third component of Sun Laboratories product line is the maintainer which helps to keep the tan longer. Skin moisturizers can be used to lubricate dry areas such as elbows avoiding orange colored areas. Buyers should carefully choose the correct color so that they will enjoy the shade of tan most suitable for them. People with high pigmentation are suitable candidates for the dark formula lotion.

Self tanning from bottled products should still entail testing in small patches on the skin that cannot be seen. When the skin over reacts to the product this is a sign that no further use of it should take place. All testing of new products should be done in small increments to avoid unfortunate results.

Sun laboratories Self Tanning Lotion dark helps the consumer to add a bronze color to their skin so they do not have to look ghost white. This is an ideal solution for protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Users will feel more energetic when they look in the mirror and see a radiant looking complexion that is usually achieved by going on an ocean cruise.

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Sun Laboratories

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Sun Laboratories

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