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Sun Laboratories Medium Review

Sun Laboratories Medium Review

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Sun Laboratories Medium Review


Important Facts About Product

An instant dose of color helps prevent streaks and patches

Nice dark colors sets in about three hours

Ideal for all skin types

Promotes hydration

A deep dark tan for face and body

Organic sugar based formula

Works Fast

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Sun Laboratories Medium Review

Benefits Of Applying Sun Labs Medium Review To Your SkinLotions worn by people to protect against damage of the skin by the strong sun rays are important for health purposes. The lotions should be properly used where failure to that leads to critical health implications of the users. Sun Labs Medium Review make the skin color appear beautiful, shiny, and therefore used for beauty as well as protect damage of sun rays.

For the first users of this lotion their skin color turns immediately making someone attractive. They are easily applied therefore much preferred by the consumers. They can remove discoloration on the face of a person. They can help insulate against skin damage from exposure to the strong sun rays.

It has a fresh smell that makes one to feel comfortable. If someone has applied is easy to tell since has a unique smell that is so sensitive. It fades after use for sometime and therefore not so effective. The fading can make someone to keep applying now and then.

Their negativity is that it stains the palms of your hand if hands are not covered with polythene or clothing when applying. It lasts for long once someone apply it and therefore in terms of money saving its convenient especially to the poor. The stains removed without struggle by scrubbing after sometime.

It easily turns skin color dark. Therefore advantageous. It is important since it adds beauty and at the same time, the skin is secure from damage of excess sun rays especially to those who have less melanin. It is easy to apply the lotion since it is soft and therefore friendly to skin texture. It is effective since it makes it possible not to incur some other costs like cost of buying other skin lotions for beauty since it serves both masters.

The lotion is considerable to economic gap in the society. It packaged in small quantities such that even those that earn less can afford a token. Its problem is that some lotion left after you apply on the small containers used since you cannot remove the one that is stuck. Therefore some time not much used due to this wastage. People are so sensitive not to waste any product.

When you use bare hand to apply a lotion, it may take time before is scrubbed out of the skin surface. This may strict someone from doing activities like feeding with hands since the chemicals may have very serious effects on the health of a person. It may also demand use of detergents to remove and it may be expensive for some people since earning rate differs.

The lotion gives someone a golden coloration that makes someone beautiful. Although different colors used may make clothes appear as if are dirty. These are of the factors that discourage people from using the body lotions.

An advantage of Sun Labs Medium Review is that sold to a large volume since it a large market since many people afford. The product becomes famous and the costs of advertising lower down since there is no need to sensitize public.

Important Info Sun Laboratories Self Tanner

Watch the Sun Labs medium review and find out the benefits of using self tanning products at home. Order the best Sun Laboratories dark susation UK has to offer from us today!

Here are Some Product Reviews

5 out of 5
Smells great! from pomona, NY
I was weary of trying out this product at first...however I am glad I did. It smells AMAZING. Dries very quickly. It WILL stain your hands, but you can scrub your palms with pumice after if not wearing gloves. It's a nice even application with minimal streaking after day 2 and 3 (like most products) Review posted 7/7/2012.

5 out of 5
great self tanner! from Shenandoah junction, WV Verified Purchaser
love the almond scent, non streaking and the color is a beautiful brown, not orange like some other self tanners I have tried in the past. Review posted 7/10/2011.

5 out of 5
The best self tanner i have ever used!' MM from Flagstaff, AZ Verified Purchaser
The Sun self tanning lotion is the best self tanner i have ever used. It has a beatiful golden color and does not strek. it look like a natural tan! Review posted 1/28/2011.

5 out of 5
Very believable color - without streaks or funny smell! from Glastonbury, CT Verified Purchaser
This is the best self tanner I ever used. The color looks totally natural - brown, not the orange look I've had from virtually every other tanner. The brown color guide helps a lot, so there is not streaking whatsoever. My best advice would be to keep washing your hands frequently as you apply the tanner. The first time I used it, I didn't wash my hands until the end and it took me literally ten minutes to get all the rubbed in color off my hands. I also needed to use a pumice. But the good news is my palms had no hint of color on them in the morning, so the pumice idea is actually great. Review posted 6/25/2012.

5 out of 5/Superb color from Jackson, NJ Verified Purchaser/This product definitely gets it right on three major counts - great color, looks absolutely natural without the orange-y, rusty cast just about all other self tanners give me, and I've tried a number of them from the highest to lowest end. Amazingly, it has absolutely zero self tanner smell, from the time you put it on through the entire 'baking' process. I can't imagine how they managed this as there is no heavy masking scent either, just a very light hint of almond. Next, it does not streak or leave 'hard' edges as some tanners can when you go too dark and see the line of demarcation between the color and your actual skin tone. The price is great too. So why three stars?9.11/2012

5 out of 5
For all its great attributes, it is a COLOSSAL MESS to use. It is like slathering yourself in mud. In first applying it I felt terrified about the results as it goes on extremely dark and with big streaks everywhere, but it turns out you really don't have to worry about those. And don't think you can slop this on and then go about your business for the day. It is called Overnight for a good reason. You can't do anything else except put on some old jimmies and go to bed until the process is however.8/11/2012

Ingredients Lists: Sun Laboratories Self-Tanning Foam

Water (Aqua), Dihydroxyacetone, Ethoxydiglycol, Pentylene Glycol, Glycerin, Decyl Glucoside, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Bisulfite, Citric Acid, Fragrance (Parfum), Benzyl Salicylate, Cinnamal, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Citronellol, Eugenol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydroxycitronellal, Isoeugenol, Butylphenyl , Linalool, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Caramel, Yellow 6 (CI 15985), Red 40 (CI 16035), Blue 1 (CI 42090).

Directions: Sun Laboratories Self-Tanning Foam

Exfoliate SUN LABS Body Polish before moisturizing dry areas thoroughly with SUN LABS Body Moisturizer. Pump Foam tanning into palm and sweep from top to toe. Once you've got even coverage wait for 60 seconds before getting dressed. Then try not to get wet or sweat for at least 4 hours. Finally, shower off. To maintain, re-apply a couple of times a week, nourish daily with Sun Labs Body Moisturizer & smooth with regular exfoliation for ultimate results.

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