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Many people enjoy the look of tanned skin, but do not want to, or simply cannot be in the sun. Sun Laboratories Strickly Face is for those individuals. There are many reasons why a person might choose a tanning lotion or cream over laying in the sun.

Busy professionals often do not have time during the day to lie on their lawn chairs. Soaking in the rays is an indulgence that many people simply have no time for. Anyone who gets home past four in the afternoon has lost the opportunity to lie in direct sun.

Many of these products can create the look of a beach tan after only one application. Some show a difference right away while others have an overnight effect. SUN LABORATORIES STRICKLY FACE can help one keep a healthy looking glow all year long without even touching a beach or paying for a tanning bed.

These products provide an SPF fifteen protection as well, which can prevent one from experiencing sun damage. Dermatologists have warned us that spending long hours in direct sun can actually do damage to the skin. This can result in wrinkles and a leathery appearance to the face and body. In fact, many dermatologists will say that there is no such thing as a healthy tan, and that tanned skin by definition is damaged skin.

SUN LABORATORIES STRICKLY FACE is dermatologist recommended as a healthy alternative to sun bathing and tanning beds. Skin is exposed to no damaging rays. In fact, this product actually protects the skin, and can be used as a sun block for spending days on the beach or at the lake. There are also products available to maintain a tan, and there is a sun screen glitter.

SUN LABORATORIES STRICKLY FACE is frequently used by models and entrants in beauty pageants. Anyone who has seen the little girl beauty pageants has seen tanning lotions and spray-on tans utilized. These products can provide an even, line-less bronzing without risking burns, blisters, or scars. In fact, some modeling coaches strictly forbid their models from using tanning beds or exposing their skin to direct sunlight, as it can severely dry the skin and promotes premature aging.

There will always be sun worshipers who enjoy spending their free time soaking up rays while reading by the pool. These people are obsessed with their tans. You know them because they are the ones in the tanning bed two or three times a week. SUN LABORATORIES STRICKLY FACE is still useful to these worshipers of Sol, however. Tanning beds and sunbathing often result in lines or irregularities in their color. By using SUN LABORATORIES STRICKLY FACE, it can help keep their skin moisturized, protected, and the color even.

One element of Sun Laboratories Strickly Face is that it does wash off. Many people like this aspect of SUN LABORATORIES STRICKLY FACE because it does not stain their skin, and is only semi-permanent. For anyone planning a trip to the beach, especially if they have fair or burn-prone skin, SUN LABORATORIES STRICKLY FACE can give them an already tanned look while also protecting them from over-exposure.

Sun Laboratories Strickly Face is a helpful and top quality product used in sunless tanning sessions. You can learn more about Giesee and its history by visiting our web pages online today.

Sun Laboratories Strickly Face Self Tanning Lotion

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