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Sun Laboratories Tan Lotion

Sun Laboratories Tan Lotion

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Sun Laboratories Tan Lotion


Important Facts About Product

Work super fast and easy

Hydrating, protecting formula

Tints skin to avoid streaks or patches

Get the best dark tan for face and body

Formulated with a natural blend of ingredients

This formula is safe for all skin types

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Sun Laboratories Tan Lotion

Articles On Sun Laboratories Tan LotionSun laboratories tan lotion is a commodity that is used majorly by ladies to make the skin look golden brown in appearance. It is used totally for cosmetic reasons. Sun tan lotion is presently manufactured by several firms, all with claims about manufacturing the best on the market. However, it is obvious that not all items in the market give the results they say to. Therefore, one has to be well informed before moving out to purchase themselves sun laboratories tan lotion.

Sun laboratories tan lotion appears in different degrees of strength. Difference in degrees of strength is intended to suit people of different skin tones. Strengths are differed by varying the quantity of the active ingredient in the sun tan lotion. Commodities that are intended to produce the needed effect within small periods of time contain greater concentrations of active ingredients. The opposite is true in gradual commodities.

People with lighter skin tones do not require highly concentrated lotions because their skins require less work to get tanned. However, dark-skinned individuals need to use highly concentrated products over some period to attain a light tanned skin. A doctor can be able to provide some guidance to people according to their skin complexion and type.

Sun laboratories tan lotion incorporates dihydroxyacetone as the main active ingredient. Most manufacturers claim that their products are made using unique formulations. This is a business language and there is nothing as unique formulation. DHA, the abbreviation for dihydroxyacetone is a form of sugar which is colorless.

Mostly, it is derived from sugar cane and beet roots. All tanning dyes, creams, oils, and lotions among others have it as the active component.

DHA acts by interacting with the amino acids in the skin. The amino acid lies in dead skin cells. Once the reaction goes through, a dark-brown tan is formed on areas of the body where sun tan lotion is applied. The reaction occurs in the outermost skin layer known as the horny layer. A typical smell is usually felt as the interaction proceeds.

The tanning effect of dihydroxyacetone was first noticed by a German scientist and a researcher in the 20s. By then, the results were not so attractive and compelled cosmetic scientists to process DHA for more predictable and better results. Later on, it was discovered that DHA works better when combined with arythrulose to produce one mixture. The effects of the compound last longer than those of the two compounds working separately.

Erythrulose and Dihydroxyacetone are not known to cause any severe side effects besides rushes, irritation, and allergic reactions for individuals with sensitive skins. They can however cause severe effects if ingested since they are made exclusively for external application. Accidental ingestion must be reported immediately to a doctor after performing first aid. Sensitive parts like lips, ears, nostrils, and eyes should be protected properly to stop sun laboratories tan lotion from entering them.

Sun laboratories tan lotion appears in various sizes which are sold at different costs. It can be acquired from drug stores all over the world. One has to check out the directions about how a sun tan lotion must be used.

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