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Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion 32 oz

Our most popular self tanner, 32oz Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion is designed for professional use, to create the most natural-looking tan, instantly. Our unique built-in bronzer enhancement works as a guide for people who want a deeper, darker tan that will last for days. No more missed spots or application errors with Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tan Lotion.

Has rated as one of the best sunless tanning product for years.

Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion 32 oz provides a streak free, non greasy, quick-drying, glowing tan. It will deepen and prolong a true sunless tan, while it nourishes, revitalizes, hydrates and enhances the elasticity of your skin. This lotion is a dark shade of Sun Laboratories self tanning line and our original formula. The 32oz bottle comes with a pump for easier applications.Regular use will give a richer and longer lasting sunless glow all year long.

What A Person Needs To Know About Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion 32 oz

What one should know about items like the Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion 32, is that it should meet the basic requirements of the individual that is using it. Most people want to have skin that looks as natural as possible even though the tan is not. One also wants to be able to smell good and not reveal to everyone that they used a product to darken their skin. It is always important to feel confident and comfortable with the products that one decides to use.

Tanning lotions of the past have always had a reputation for making a person's skin look orange. While there are many people who would rather look as if they have a healthy tan, no one wants to look orange. There was one point in time when this was expected and it probably seemed that there was no other choice. But, now there are many options to choose from and one simply has to do some searching to find the brand that will give them the right results.

One of the main reasons why many lotions tend to turn a person's skin orange has to do with the ingredients that are used in making them. This does not happen if one decides to use the sun or a tanning bed to get skin that is brown. The main ingredient that helps to change the color of the skin is called DHA or dihydroxyacetone. In high concentrations this can turn a person skin orange. To prevent this from happening, it is best to find a product that has a very low percentage of this chemical so that one can achieve the desired results.

The pigments used in making self tanners might also be key to the way it looks on the skin. Some products have a green base that allows the skin to have a natural look. The green tint balances out the the redness that is in the skin, which can turn orange when a certain tint is used.

One should also consider how they apply the product onto the skin. If it is applied the wrong way, one can see streaks and unevenness which can look very unnatural. The product should be applied by rubbing it in quickly and evenly into the skin. There are some individuals who choose to use their bare hands while others choose to use gloves so that the palms of their hands will be clean.

Another issue that many have with self tanners is the smell that one is left with afterwards. Unfortunately, the same chemical that can leave an orange look is the same one that also leaves the smell on the the body. This is due to the fact that the DHA is working with the skin causing a reaction which is unavoidable.

There are also fragrances used in the product that cause the smell. Some brands are able to mask the smell with these fragrances, creating a scent that one can work with. Others are not so successful, and this means that one should find a product that works for them or that they can at least tolerate.

These are a few things that one should know about when deciding to purchase items like the Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion 32. One has to do lots of research in order to find something that is right for them. An easy way to do this is to study the reviews of those who have used the products that one is considering. This will make the selection process much easier.

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