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If working on an indoor tan to get ready for a sunny vacation or to add to year round beauty, the use of an indoor bed to tan offers several advantages. However, before turning on the lights, consumers should apply the best tanning lotion for tanning beds. Use of this kind of product helps to protect one's skin from sunburn and provide the moisture needed to keep him or her looking great.

Often consumers think the same products useful for preventing damage from the sun will work at the salon. However, this is not the recommendation of experts. The light concentration for the indoor tan can easily damage skin and create excessive dryness without the proper products. For best results, consumers will select special products.

Unprotected use of indoor lights for the tan can cause skin cancer. A bed produces the same kind of harmful UV light as the sun exposing the user to the same types of dangers. Unprotected cells can mutate into cancer cells. Use of a quality product protects the skin from damage and the dangerous rays while allowing one's skin to change to the desired tone.

The better products are the most effective at moisturizing one's skin. The process of obtaining a tan can be very dehydrating to skin. Moisturizers are effective at maintaining the natural oils and moisture in skin so a beautiful tan does not become white flakes.

Scent is an important consideration for many consumers. Products can be found with a large variety of scents, varying from a strong coconut scent to light floral. Products that are not pleasing to the nose are often left in the bag and not applied.

The Best Tanning Lotion For tanning Beds is a product that provide protection from burns and the damage caused by UV rays. The product should smell nice and moisturize the skin. Ask your salon about samples before making a final selection.

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Sun Laboratories ultra dark tanning spray

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Sun Laboratories

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Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Spray

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