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Sun Labs Self Tanning Dark

Sun Labs Self Tanning Dark

$ 43.95

Sun Labs Self Tanning Dark

Sun Labs Dark Sunsation Lotion Tester 8 oz

Using airbrush, with sun labs self tanning dark you will get a beautiful shade of bronze tan in just a few moments. The astonishing results will last for days, and your skin protected and nourished. You don't have to expose yourself to a sun to be tanned, or to pay a visit to some expensive, but not so healthy solarium, you can have it all much simpler.

Whatever you might heard, Sun Labs Self Tanning Dark won't make a mess of your clothes or bed. It wont make streaks or dyes, or clog your pores. It will give you beautiful, dark shade with a glow, nice and even. Of course, in order of achieving this, you have to follow some rules.

You have to make a good job of making your skin has to be perfectly clean, without any impurities. The product has to be applied on a smooth, impeccable skin if you want the best results possible. The other thing is to apply the color evenly, treating every area carefully.

Sun exposing, as well as a sunlamp, can make a serious damages. This form of coloring won't make any damage, it will nourish and moisturize the skin, performing like some sort of additional protector. You may choose products with different ingredients, or even scents. There is also a product available that will intensify the color during some period of time.

Face needs special care. It is exposed the most, and very sensitive, and it requires more careful approach. Wrinkles may need special care in order of reducing them. Beautiful color yes, but health is still more important. Sun Labs Self Tanning Dark will give you that great tanned face.

All kinds of products are available to take care of your new tan. If it start to fade, it's time to apply new layer, or to make some corrections. You can use small spray, or a roll-on designed for that purpose. It is more than convenient when you are away from home, to carry one of those in your bag. But, with sun labs self tanning dark, you shouldn't worry, most of those products last up to one week without need for correction.

Putting on Sun Labs Self Tanning Dark lotion will provide a smooth and even tan without the danger of the sun's rays. For the best lotion products check our website online

Sun Labs Self Tanning Dark

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