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Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion Dark

Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion dark will have the user looking and feeling as if they just returned from a tropical vacation. It is almost like having sunshine in a bottle where the user can treat himself to faster results that lying on a beach for a week. Most people lead busy lives and cannot commit to sunbathing hours at a time. The lengthy exposure to the UV rays of the sun will also cause premature aging of the skin as well.

Another side effect of lengthy sun exposure is the increased likelihood of developing skin cancer. Many fair skinned people who have a sensitivity to sunburns will also develop dangerous melanomas. Their lightly pigmented skin cannot tolerate the harmful effect of the ultra violet rays. Their skin is vulnerable to sunburns since it does not have enough pigment in it to protect it from turning pink.

The sunshine in a bottle is non streaking so the user can easily create a natural looking tan. White, chalky looking complexions are replaced by glowing honey colored skin. The lotion has proven itself to being an improved alternative to too much sun exposure.

The user will enjoy a year round tan that will be the source of many complimentary remarks about how healthy their skin looks. The three part system consists of an exfoliation gel to remove dead skin first. This should be used 2-3 days ahead of time and the shower works the best.

The actual tanning lotion has a nice smelling cherry almond scent which is pleasant to use. It can be applied sparingly since a small amount goes a long way. It allows for good color for people who have medium colored skin and it will not streak on clothing or on a pillow. Streaking had always been a chronic problem with the early generation of these products.

The third component is a maintainer which is applied for increasing the life span of the tan. Users should moisturize the skin before and after using the lotion to avoid developing those streaky orange areas. The dark tanning lotion is specially meant for users who would normally tan very quickly. The dark tanning product is suitable for users with higher levels of pigment in the skin.

It is always recommended to skin test the product on a small area first. Any unpleasant side effects will be kept to a minimum so that use of the product can be discontinued quickly if need be. The testing of any new products needs to be done on small areas to avoid any embarrassing after effects. This could be done at the back of the neck where long hair will hide any negative results.

Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion dark is a boon to people who want to add that bronze color to their skin. The winter months have caused their skin to look pale and unattractive. For those people who are susceptible more quickly to the UV rays of the sun, this three part system will cheer up most everyone who uses it.

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Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion Dark

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