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When it is time to prepare for a vacation in a sunny location, many people begin by working on a tan at a salon. Others work to tan their bodies due to a preference to a golden look all year long. When at the salon, it is important to select the Best Tanning Lotion For tanning Beds. These products protect skin, provide moisture and help individuals to look their greatest.

Those working on the salon tan should avoid using products designed for outdoor use. These products are not formulated for use with the lights in the bed. The more concentrated rays that are designed for a uniform tan may also result in burns and drying of skin. Specifically made products help to prevent these problems.

One of the greatest dangers found in the booth with unprotected skin is the possibility of skin cancer. A bed can produce the same UV light as the sun. This light on unprotected skin can cause mutation of the cells in to cancer cells. Good products offer UV protection that prevents this danger while still allowing skin to develop into a gorgeous bronze tone.

Better products are also highly effective as moisturizers. The same process that helps to develop one's tan can also dry the skin. Moisturizers help to maintain natural moisture and add additional moisture to skin. This is essential to prevent flaky, dry skin.

Many consumers are also concerned about the odor of the product they choose. There are a wide variety of scents used in these products. Some have a rich coconut scent while others offer a light floral flagrance. Such scents can influence one's personal favorite.

The Best Tanning Lotion For tanning Beds offer protection from burns as well as UV rays. They moisturize and offer a pleasant fragrance. Often salons offer samples to help determine the best product for one's needs.

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