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The purpose of sun lotion is to protect your skin from the sun's ultra violet rays, and so lessen the risk of sunburn and, more seriously, skin cancer. However, if the cream you are using is not applied correctly, you may find it's effects to be negligible. Some points should be borne in mind when applying the cream to your skin.

First, make sure that you use plenty of cream on your body. There is no point in being economical with this stuff. Make sure you have a generous amount of cream applied to ensure that you are well-protected.

Second, be as thorough as you can be with the cream. Make sure that, in addition to covering the big areas on the body like the chest and back, that equal attention is paid to small, difficult to reach areas as well. These can include the ears and between the toes, to give a couple of examples.

Third, apply your cream everyday you are in a climate that warrants it. This will ensure that the skin does not dry out and become wrinkled prematurely. It will also greatly minimize the risk of skin cancer.

Fourth, apply a second coat of cream to your skin later on in the day. Whether you are sweating or swimming, or anything else, the protection you initially applied will not be sufficient to last the whole day and will eventually break down. A second application will be necessary to top up your protection.

In using sun lotion with the above points in mind, you will fend off the risk of skin cancer much more effectively. Always make sure that you read the instructions on the bottle before applying the cream to your skin. But if you do follow the points outlined, you cannot really go wrong.Get the complete details and information you will need to choose the sun lotion that will give you the results that you want today! You can save time and effort when you take advantage the airbrush tanning spray available now!

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