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To offset skin cancer and sunburn in more tropical weather, sun lotion is an extremely effective prevention method. It can prove useless, though, if it is not administered the right way. Some tips on effective application should help you stay protected.

To begin with, do not be frugal with the amount of sunscreen you use on yourself. You should cover your body from head to toe in this stuff. Err on the side of using too much rather than using too little, it is much safer.

In order to ensure that your body is safely protected, do not skimp on applying the cream to small or hard to reach places. The area between your toes and all around your ears deserve as much care as your back and chest will get. You cannot afford to be careless in protecting your skin, so be as methodical as possible.

Also, do not fall into the error of assuming you can skip a day or two where applying the sunscreen is unnecessary. Without proper care, your skin will lose all moisture and become dry and wrinkled. The sunscreen should be used every single day to avoid this outcome.

And the sunscreen should be applied a few times a day. Whether you have a swim at some point, get very sweaty, generally your protection is not guaranteed to last twenty four hours a day. You will need to top up your sunscreen periodically to maintain protection against the sun.

So, in summary, the above tips should assist you in correctly applying sun lotion. If you wish to avoid the danger of contracting skin cancer, you will find these tips very helpful. Do be sure, though, to check the instructions that come with the sunscreen you purchase, as they will also be of great benefit to you in staying protected.

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