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Sun tan lotions can be used to classify a range of products, including sunblocks and indoor tanning creams. These products have different uses. Sunblock, also known as sunscreen is made to protect or block the skin from harmful UV radiation. Indoor tanning products have the ability to enhance the tanning process and results.

Many ingredients can go into tanning creams. Usually they include melanin and L-Tyrosine. Tea extracts, oils and copper may be included as well. Some products offer moisturizing and bronzing elements. These formulas are made for indoor use and artificial UV light present in sunbeds, not for the outdoors because they do not contain ingredients that protect against natural UV light.

Creams are able to increase the melanin within skin. This may be done by increasing blood flow to the area or adding to melanin. These products are most often used in combination with some type of tanning booth or other processes

Sunblock may be used outside. It is made using a formula that is able to take in or reflect UV light. Sunscreens are often used to keep skin from burning, also known as sunburn. This formula may come in a spray, gel or lotion.

Sunscreen is considered physical or chemical, depending upon its function. Chemical types are able to absorb light while physical types are used for reflecting the light. Most sunscreens include at least one of these ingredients: chemical compounds, inorganic particulates, organic particulates. Sunscreen should be used on people with all different skin types because it works by preventing skin afflictions that result from sun.

Sun tan lotions is a term applied to products such as sunscreen or tanning lotion. Sunscreen protects skin from the effects caused by UV radiation from sun. Tanning lotion works with indoor tanning methods to bronze, moisturize and tan skin.

There are many sun tan lotions that will darken your skin. You need to have a good dark self tanner for the best tan.

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