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Sun Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion

Sun Laboratories Portable Tanning System

Humans have a natural and unquenchable tendency to develop desire for things that are rare to them or for something that they do not possess. In skin color, this is evident in the fact that darker skinned Asian consumers buy whitening products while Caucasians on the other hand patronize tan products and services. Sun Ultra dark Self Tanning Lotion sprung from this necessity of people from the Caucasians from the west.

The cheapest way of getting skin tan which is commonly available to most people is sunbathing. Though it is free of cost, it is paid with time and tolerance to pain of the heat and sunburn. A less painful way is available anytime via tanning booths or beds which emits UV rays using ultraviolet emitting lamps. Lastly, the use of self-tanning products and other sprays of the same make, such as Sun Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion.

The energy from the sun is composed of different wavelengths making up the lights both visible, and non visible spectrum. Some are beneficial and harmful to different species. Visible light makes our eyes function, the Infra Red frequency carries heat and the Ultraviolet frequency is responsible for most skin problems when exposed for longer periods.

The evolution of sunless tanning-lotions like Sun Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion, has revolutionized the achievement of the desired golden glow of pale skinned people. It is attained via the use of substances which when makes contact to the skin, creates a reaction that changes the dermal color. And this process is without the aid of solar radiation or from UV emitting sources.

Sun Laboratories is a company based in California that makes Sun Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion together with other side products. It was founded by Gisela Hunter in 1983 with the plan of creating a product for toning skin painlessly and no sun required. Through the years of non stop research, advancement in results has been evident to their later products.

The main active ingredient of Sun Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion and other Sun self-tanning products is DHA or Dihydroxyacetone. It is a colorless sugar compound that reacts with the outer skin cells and the painless reactions byproduct is the immediate discoloration of the outermost epidermis layer. The painless and aromatic discoloration effect is sought after by consumers.

Products for achieving skin tan are advised to be applied during the night. As for Sun Labs tan kits, they come with an exfoliating cream and a maintenance moisturizer. Because the product works only on the outer layers of the skin, it is best to get rid of the dead skin cells using exfoliants for a lasting effect. The moisturizer maintains a good skin health for a healthier glow.

People bestowed with white pale skin, Sun Ultra dark Self Tanning lotion is the answer to an enamoring skin with sun kissed tan. Use it anytime of the year and get instant results immediately and expect full results within a few hours. Get the mocha like skin-tone without the agony of bathing under the sun and its harmful side-effects. Get a kit for less then a hundred bucks, and achieve an instant tan with fruity aroma.

Get a summary of the reasons why you should use Sun ultra dark self tanning lotion and tips on how to apply self tanning lotion correctly at today.

Sun Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion

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Sun Labs online Ultra Dark Self Tanning

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