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Even in the winter, it can be nice to have something of a healthy tan. To achieve this, many people bask in the sun, taking in the rays until their skin has a pleasantly healthy hue. For others, however, this result is achieved with some sunless tanning lotion.

Ranging in importance, there are a few reasons why you may want to do that. Most importantly, it may be because the sun can do a lot of damage to the skin if you spend too much time in it. Possible risks include skin cancer, and they do not apply to sunless tanning cream.

This is probably one of the more important reasons that somebody might have to make this choice. That it is more convenient is another reason that is somewhat less severe. Many find sunbathing to be boring, or they do not have much time to spend on it, or they just find it time-consuming, anyway, even if others consider it to be relaxing and easy.

If you only have to apply and wait for something to dry, it will take less time than waiting hours in the sun. It might also be that you want a tan at a point in the year when there just is not much sun to sunbathe under. Even if there is a sun at these points, it still tends to be too cold, anyway. An easy alternative, here, is tanning lotion, so that you can still have that healthy tint.

Some people do not like tanning lotion as they feel that it does not look like a tan should look. These people feel as if the result is always going to be too orange and too bright to appear natural.

Once, this might have been true, and many lotions do still have that effect. There are, though, many available that do replicate the natural tan that you want. There are plenty of good sunless tanning lotions around for those who look.

It is well known that sunless tanning is the healthiest way to get that sun-kissed look without cellular destruction that ultraviolet rays can cause. Free tanning lotion samples benefit your skin and your pocketbook.

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