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Manufacturers are constantly channeling out products that they claim to provide browning. However, most of these SUNLESS TANNING CREAM FACE products do not produce the desired results. Furthermore, some have side effects such as canthaxanthin retinopathy and hepatitis. It is therefore, advisable that you settle on a Sunless Tanning Cream Face product that is healthy for your skin.

The American Academy of Dermatology has approved SUNLESS TANNING CREAM FACE products containing dihydroxyacetone. This component is said to be friendly to the skin, and very effective. When the colorless sugar of dihydroxyacetone enters the skin, it acts on against the dead cell found in the corneum, a layer of the epidermis.

As the SUNLESS TANNING CREAM FACE product starts taking effect on the skin, the skin starts to brown slowly. Generally, the lasting effect will go for between three and seven days. However, reapplication should be carried out after an average of three days. This is because the skin is constantly shedding off dead and old cells, and the cream goes along with these.

Browning creams and pills also come in form of SUNLESS TANNING CREAM FACE products known as tanning accelerators. These have their main ingredient as tyrosine, an amino acid. Producers highly regard these products. However, it is recommended that individuals should consult with their dermatologists whenever trying a new SUNLESS TANNING CREAM FACE product. They will offer suitable advice regarding the safety of the SUNLESS TANNING CREAM FACE product on your skin.

Tyrosine is believed to have the inherent ability of stimulating and driving up melanin processing. Consequently, they accelerate the skin browning process. However, these are claims that have not yet been proven by any scientific evidence.

One should not assume that these SUNLESS TANNING CREAM FACE products are also meant to protect the skin from harmful radiation such as UVB and UAV. Those that can offer such protection are normally supplemented with a sunscreen. There are several options to rely one when selecting a Sunless Tanning Cream Face treatment. However, your health should be of utmost consideration.

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