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It used to be that sunless tanning lotions turned the user an interesting shade of orange and were prone to leave streaks of uneven color. The tan overnight self tan lotion available today gives a much more natural appearance and is also easier to rub in evenly. You really can look like you've spent a week at the beach.

Just as the name suggests, an application makes you look tan without requiring time spent in a tanning booth or lying in direct sunlight. Overnight tanners will be tinted to make the user look tanned right away, but deepen into richer color after a period of a few hours. The user can also rub it in and go to bed for the night. In the morning, a shower removes the cream and leaves the skin soft, smooth, and tanned.

Medical authorities stress that direct exposure to sun light and its harmful UV rays damages skin, may cause cancer, and definitely causes aging, wrinkling, and uneven color tone. Using a sunless or self-tanning product means you can get the look without running these risks.

A darkly-tinted cream is easier to apply evenly than one that is white or very light in color. You can see areas that have been missed when the application goes on, so coverage can be evened out before the tanner is rubbed in. Wash hands quickly and thoroughly after the job is done, because the palms of your hands will absorb the color and look stained. Go lightly over knees, elbows, and the tops of the feet, which darken more than other areas.

Look for natural ingredients known to be good for skin, such as oils from nuts or fruits, Vitamin E, and aloe. Tanning lotions are not sunscreens, so remember to use a high SPF product when outside for extended periods.

Use tan overnight self tan lotion to look like you spend time in the sun while in reality you are avoiding over-exposure.

Learn the simple steps and methods to achieve a healthy glow when you tan overnight self tan lotion today! Find the details and information about the best indoor tanning lotion easily and quickly now!

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