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People always try to improve or change their appearance, through various means, including getting a tan. Some spend a lot of money at salons in order to get the perfect tan, while others spend hours laying in the sun. With tanning lotions you can achieve these same results by simply staying at home. These are tips which can help, achieve the look and shade you desire.

First and most important thing to do is, shave if you are going to do that. You do not want to do this after you have gotten your tan. Shaving also gives the skin a smooth feeling, which helps when getting a tan. You should shave a few hours before you start applying the tan products, and it is better to use shaving oil as oppose to a shaving cream.

You want to remove the dead skin cells from the skin by exfoliating in the shower. These dead skin cells can cause your tan to look uneven and darker in certain areas of the body. If moisturizing is not something you do on a daily basis, then make sure you prepare the skin, by starting to do this a few days before applying the product.

Vaseline will be needed before you start using the products to get a tan. Apply Vaseline onto your toenails and finger nails in order to avoid getting the product on them. The same should be done on the cuticles, as it can be difficult to remove it later.

The feet, elbows, ankles, and joints of a human body can have drier skin, than the rest of the body. These areas, due to the dry skin, can appear darker, after you apply the lotion for a tan. In order to avoid having these areas appear darker, you want to dilute the lotion. This can be done by mixing it with a moisturizer, before applying it to these specific areas, and any other area that appears to be dry, even after moisturizing for several days.

These are just some things you can try in order to prepare for a tan. You must find the best product for you, as there are many tanning lotions which you can use. What works for one person may not work for another, therefore keep experimenting, until you find the best one for you.

There are various Designer Skin Products available that can improve the quality of your skin. You have to find Tanning Lotions that is going to look good and not fake.

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