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Achieving a natural looking glow and maintaining it throughout the year is now easy with the numerous tanning lotions available on the market. Requiring no more effort in their application than is needed to apply any face or body moisturizer, most lotions now offer an even, natural looking color, without the past problems of streaks and un-natural color shades.

There is a wide range of products to select from, and at times the variety can become overwhelming. What you need to keep in mind is that the self tanner that will best suit you is the one whose shade matches your skin color. This way, you can achieve a more believable, natural looking color, without looking fake.

The celebrity recommended tanning lotions are most often the ones coming in the form of a mousse. Usually the most high-priced self tanners available, mousses ensure easy and fuss free application. This is why they have been a huge success and continue to be widely popular. A tanning mousse offers a realistic sun-kissed color and a striking sparkling glow. It also dries out fast, allowing you to get dressed just after you have applied.

Investing in a good quality tinted lotion for the face is always a smart move. There are many high quality products available that promise to give you a beautiful, long-lasting tan. Most of them are based on a light formula that makes them great for people with oily skin. They also dry quickly and allow you to use foundation and makeup straight after the application.

Another option available is the gradual self tanner which usually offers you the choice between two shades. Those of you with medium to dark skin can opt for the darkest shade, whereas people with fair skin can go with the lighter tint. This way, you can find the one that suits you best.

A gradual self tanner, which also leaves your body deeply nourished, is certainly a good idea for your everyday routine. And if you choose one of the most inexpensive products available, then this will make it easy to enjoy a healthy looking color even throughout the winter. For that special outing or the first few days of the summer, you can opt for a more expensive product that will offer you even better results, faster.

There are a lot of tanning lotions out there that will give you the natural glow. That's right, sunless tanning lotion will give you a nice looking tan.

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