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You may have to experiment to find the best sunless tanning lotion. Depending on your needs, many people will favor particular brands. One of the biggest benefits sunless lotions is reducing risk of skin damage from the sun.

In the past, these types of products left visible streaks on your skin if you were not careful. And they had an odd smell associated with them. People with no other choice would be left applying the product only at night. Some products were known to darken spots such as freckles and moles. But that has changed now.

The ever increasing popularity of these products have drawn more research. Lotion technology has gotten much better. New formulas now have the ability to remain streak free. Application is much easier. And they now have different fragrant smells.

Top lotions will not leave any revealing streaks on your skin. They come with handy applicators to spread smoothly. They also have moisturizing qualities. The good ones will be formulated with nutrients for you as well. You can apply them any time of the day for the most part now.There are different subtle hues to choose from depending on your skin tone. They are now made with many types of skin in mind. They come in shades of brown, bronze and golden hues. The various fragrances are very pleasant.

You should be looking for products that leave a complexion feeling moist and smooth after applying. You should not have any gunk left over on the skin. Inferior products give unnatural colors. You can also find these products as a gel.

You will be quite happy with the results of the best sunless tanning lotion. Other's will think you were at the beach. Or if you were on vacation. Your skin will be left with an attractive sheen quality to it.

If you want to have a tan overnight then you need to find the best sunless tanning lotion on the market.

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