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Ultra Dark Self Tanning

Ultra Dark Self Tanning

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Sun Laboratories best ultra dark self tanning lotion. Ultra dark self tanning lotion glow all year round. Ultra dark self tanning spray tan is fast and easy. Fake tan only with ultra dark self tanning lotion.

There Are Different Causes To Get Dark Self Tan

Sun Laboratories was created back in 1983 and is renowned for its development of sunless tanning products. Not only do they manufacture the product but they are also a key distributor of the lotions for Dark Self Tan. This family run business knew there was a desire for people to have the sun kissed look without going in the sun.

Ever since it became known that lengthy stints sunbathing over period of time increased the risk of skin cancer. More people are now aware that although they love the tanned look, lying in the sun day after day is not the answer. Fake tanning, as it is also known, became a huge hit with men and women alike.

The company has developed tanning lotions which can be used by the general public in the comfort of their own home or applied by professionals at tanning and beauty salons. The company has developed products that are suitable for home use, making them easy to apply yourself. The other products are for airbrushing and use in salons.

Whether you self tan or go to a salon, there a few things you should do to prepare before tanning. The most important is to make sure you shower well and if possible, exfoliate your skin. To then dry your skin thoroughly. Once you have done all this, you are ready for your tan. If you are self tanning, always wear protective gloves to avoid having tanned palms. If you are tanning in a salon, you will be asked to wear protective eye goggles and possibly a nose plug.

There are a variety of tan colors available, from medium to very dark tan. The most popular shade is the dark tan, giving you that lovely healthy glow you can have after a holiday in the sun, but without risking your health for this result. Whatever your skin tone is, there is a color which will match you perfectly.

If you opt for a tanning salon, you will either be tanned in a special room or a tanning booth. The tan is airbrushed over your exposed parts of your body to give an even finish. Tanning salons have become incredibly popular for helping you achieve the holiday look.It is advisable after a sunless tanning treatment either at home or in a salon, to wear loose fitting clothes for a short time after. Although Dark Self Tan lotions dry very quickly, it is beneficial to not wear tight fitting clothing straight after. To help your tan last longer, you could smooth oil over your skin before showers to help put a barrier against water and soaps.

Obtaining a dark self tan is much more convenient and easy today, thanks to the latest products. You can learn more about the advantages of the best tanning bed lotion by visiting our website online.

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