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What is the best tanning lotion? Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Sunless Tanning Spray 6 oz.

One of the most essential cosmetic products selling off the shelves during the summer months is the sun tanning lotion. What is the best tanning lotion? Also known as a sunscreen, it helps absorb or reflect the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun and prevents our exposed skin from getting sun burnt. One should understand what is the best tanning lotion that suits their needs, Sun Laboratories but of course.

In that breath, it is good to understand the ingredients that make the lotions. In order to reflect the ultraviolet radiations, the manufacturers use zinc and titanium dioxides which are physical absorbents of the sunlight. Those sun blocks that work by absorbing the UV rays of sunlight are called chemical lotions and they comprise of organic compounds.

This formula is a relatively new finding. Franz Greiter, a chemist, developed it in 1938 and around 1962 he developed what came to be known as the SPF or Sun Protection Software. This is a mathematical proof of the efficiency of the product in keeping our skin from getting sun burnt. As a matter of fact, today SPF is a recognized standard for knowing the quality of products and advertisers use this concept to sell their brands.

What is the best tanning lotion? When you face confusion in choosing the best tanning lotion from among the many brands available in the market, all you need to do is to look at the SPF strength mentioned on its packing. This helps you understand the amount of UV radiation that could cause sunburn if this item was applied, i. E. The higher the SPF strength, the better chances you have of avoiding any sunburns.

Once you are clear about the SPF strength, you need to assess your skin type and your lifestyle. What is the best tanning lotion? A particular brand might not suit all kinds of skin hence its best to choose one which suits your skin. Also hobbies like swimming washes off the applied sunscreen. So if you frequent the pool, you need to get a creme that does not get washed off easily. Another factor to be remembered is the amount of creme applied and how soon would you apply again.

For example, those who sit in their offices most part of the day do not need that much protection as others. Hence, the latter category of people would benefit from using cremes with higher SPF. Also, contrary to applying every 2 to 3 hours, new findings indicate that applying once around 30 minutes before stepping out and reapplying again after about the same period of time would is best to protect the user from the harsh sun.

So, what is the best tanning lotion? With a view to catering for those individuals who work indoors, the cosmetic industry has also introduced indoor tanning blocks. These do not protect like ordinary sunscreens as they do not contain any SPF. Basically, they help in producing melanin and bringing it onto the top layers of the skin. Along with this, they also prevent dehydration of the skin, keeping it moisturized, smooth and healthy.

Manufacturers use natural oils such as tea oil and green tea extracts to make the sunless tan lotions. Recent research has come up with sunscreens that can be used in water; under heat conditions and even if we sweat. Hence, with a proper clarity on the benefits of using these cosmetics, one can discover what is the best tanning lotion suiting ones needs, you know the answer Sun Laboratories.

What is the best tanning lotion? The one that is simple and easy to use and gives you glowing and healthy looking skin! You can find the details and information you need to choose the Dark Sunsation self tanner that will meet all of your needs now!

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