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What is the best tanning lotion? Giesee Sun Labs Tan Maintainer Lotion 8 oz.

Tanning products are cosmetics primarily used to avoid getting sun burnt when we go out in the heat. You get what is the best tanning lotion in the form of lotions, gels and sprays. These help by blocking or reflecting the suns harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiations on our exposed skin such as face or arms. When we look for a good sunscreen, we need to keep in mind various factors before deciding on what is the best tanning lotion for our skin, Giesee Sun Labs.

What is the best tanning lotion? Sun blocks are made up of inorganic compounds such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that reflect a major part of the UV rays and scatter the rest of it. These also comprise of organic chemical compounds that absorb the ultraviolet light. Traditionally, those sunscreens that absorb the ultraviolet rays are known as chemical lotions and those that reflect sunlight are known as physical tanning lotions.

The sun cream was developed by Franz Greiter in 1938 but today he is more popularly known as the man who founded the SPF or the Sun Protection Factor. He came up with this revolutionary concept in 1962. Today the SPF is used as a benchmark or standard to measure the capacity of the creme to protect the skin from sunlight. Today we observe that most advertisers use this criterion to market their brand.

By SPF strength, we measure the limit of UV radiation that could be considered harmless for us if we apply the particular product. Thus the lower the SPF, the more you should be sure of avoiding this item. So when you need to choose from many brands to discover what is the best tanning lotion, it is easy to come to a conclusion by looking up at the SPF number printed on the packing.

What is the best tanning lotion? The type of your skin and your activities also play a major role in deciding the best sunscreen suiting your needs. Also activities like swimming washes away the applied lotion so on days that you need to hit the waters, its best to use a sun block that does not wash off easily. Another criterion that helps to find what is the best tanning lotion item is, is the amount applied and how often it is reapplied.

Those who work outside most part of the day, obviously, need more protection hence higher SPF as compared to those who work indoors. Also, it has been proved with research that applying the sun block half an hour before exposure and reapplying it half an hour after going out helps keep the skin safe. This finding negates the popular opinion of application every 2 to 3 hours.

What is the best tanning lotion? There also are indoor tan products. These do not have a SPF and they just help in improving melanin production for the skin. Also, they keep the skin moisturized as tanning generally dehydrates the skin. They thus keep the skin healthy and smooth.

These indoor tanning lotions are usually made from natural oils and ingredients such as tea oil and green tea extracts. Nowadays you get sun blocks that are resistant to water, heat and sweat. Hence you need not bother about these hindrances while using any such cosmetics. Thus, with a clear understanding of how the product works on your skin, it would be easy for you to choose what is the best tanning lotion Giesee Sun Labs for your skin.

What is the best tanning lotion? The one that is simple and easy to use and gives you glowing and healthy looking skin! You can find the details and information you need to choose the Dark Sunsation self tanner that will meet all of your needs now!

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