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My Favorite Sun Tan Lotion

My Favorite Sun Tan Lotion - Sun Laboratories by Giesee applying self tanning lotion
Sun tan lotion may refer to sunscreen or indoor tanning lotion. These products are designed for opposite purposes. Tanning formulas are designed to aid in the tanning process. Sunscreen, also called sunblock, is used outdoors. It offers skin protection against the powerful ultraviolet radiation that the sun gives of. 

Tanning lotions work by doing one of two things. They can increase the production of melanin or the level of blood flow through the skin. By doing either of these things, the top layer of the skin receives an increase of melanin. These indoor creams do not contain any amount of sun protection ingredients and should therefore not be used outside or as a protectant. To get the most out of this product, it is best to use it with a tanning booth or bed that gives off ultraviolet radiation. 

Melanin and L-Tyrosine are most common active ingredients found in these tanning products. Other possible ingredients: oils, green tea extract and copper. Some products include ingredients that offer moisturizing and bronzing. Indoor tanning creams should are not for outdoor use because they do not protect against the sun. 

The product that should can be utilized outdoors is called sunscreen. Sunscreen can come in a variety of topical forms, such as spray, gel or cream. It's purpose is to reflect or absorb the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This is why it is commonly used as a preventative against sunburn. 

Sunscreens contain one of more organic particulates, organic chemical compounds and inorganic particulates. The products may be classified as physical or chemical, depending on their function. Physical products reflect sunlight, while chemical products are designed to absorb the UV light. Sunscreen use is highly recommended to prevent cancer, sunburn and other harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. 

Sun tan lotion is a term that may be used to describe indoor tanning creams or sunblock. These products, though quite different in their design and usage, are topical formulas that are applied to the skin. Sunscreen is used to protect and tanning creams enhance tanning. 

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