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The Best Sun Tan Lotions in Brooklyn

The Best Sun Tan Lotions in Brooklyn - Sun Laboratories by Giesee self tanning lotion
There are various risks in exposing yourself to the sun. These risks include skin-related problems and skin cancer. People have opted for tanning to give their skins a more exotic and darker color. With the recent research carried out, most people prefer artificial tanning which is better than natural tanning. There are various sun tan lotions in the market and you will tend to get confused regarding the lotion to purchase. 

The following aspects will help you in making this task easy. The first thing to consider is the ingredients used. This is important because these products use chemicals and you need to ensure that they are not harmful. 

There are some ingredients, which are safe which include dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Most dermatologist health board have approved this ingredient. Furthermore, you can list down the ingredients present in the product and present it to a dermatologist for approval. 

DHA is considered as the safest, because it is a colorless sugar, which tends to interact with dead skin cells to cause color change after application. In addition, it affects the top most layer of your skin leaving the rest unaffected. The advantage of this is because dead skin cells shed off after 20 to 30 days thus allowing the skin to regain its original color. 

Another aspect you need to look into is reputation of the supplier or manufacturer. That is, if a company has been in the spotlight due to complaints from customers then, you need avoid such products. Companies that have made a name for themselves in the market are the best choice, for safe products. 

When choosing sun tan lotions always ensure that you check on the prices. Price should not compromise the product's quality. Choose these products with a lot of care considering the above factors and you will get the best. 

You can find more information about the factors to keep in mind when buying sun tan lotions and details about the benefits of getting an airbrush fake tan on our site, now.

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