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The Best Sun Tan Lotions in Los Angeles

The Best Sun Tan Lotions in Los Angeles - Sun Laboratories by Giesee self tanner 
Sun tan lotions may include indoor tanning creams or sunblock. These products have different purposes. Sunblock, or sunscreen, is used to block the skin from the UV radiation that the sun gives off. Indoor tanning creams are used with tanning devices to help with the process. 

There are a variety of ingredients that may be used in production of these indoor tanning products. Two of the most common: L-Tyrosine and melanin. Additional ingredients may include copper, tea extracts and numerous oils. Some products add bronzing and moisturizing elements as well. These products for indoor use are not for use outside. This is because they are not made to protect against sun exposure. 

The creams work by increasing melanin in the skin. This can be done in one of two ways: boosting melanin production or increasing blood circulation. These products are designed to be used with sunbeds that that produce UV rays similar to that given off from the sun. 

Sunblock is made for use outside. It is a formula used to reflect or absorb UV radiation. It is also designed to prevent the occurrence of sunburn, which is caused by prolonged exposure to UV light. Sunscreen is made in a variety of forms. For example, lotion, spray and gel. 

Sunscreen usually includes one of the following: inorganic particulates, organic particulates, chemical compounds. This product can be categorized as physical or chemical. The difference between the two is the function. Chemical formulas work by absorbing UV light. On the other hand, physical formulas are used to reflect UV light. It is suggested that everyone use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, sunburn and similar skin afflictions caused by sun exposure. 

Sun tan lotions is a term to describe products such as sunblock or tanning creams. Sunblock is a skin protector. Tanning lotion is used in conjunction with processes to tan, bronze and moisturize skin. 

There are many sun tan lotions that will darken your skin. You need to have a good dark self tanner for the ultimate tan.

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