Top 3 Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your Sunless Tan

Top 3 Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your Sunless Tan

Halloween is a special time of the year. Pumpkin spice is back and spooky season is upon us. Halloween might be different this year but a perfect costume compliments all plans. Finding the right costume to show off your tan will make you both eye catching as well as be a huge confidence booster. Below are a couple of our top picks for creative and fun Halloween costumes.


Baywatch Girl

A great way to show off your tan is to channel Baywatch. Wear a red one-piece swimsuit if you have one or get a vintage styled one to really recreate the look. Match it with a red jumper to help keep you warm. This costume is very simple but still manages to make a splash, no matter where you wear it.


Hot Cleopatra

Known for her alluring beauty as well as her regal style, this queen is the perfect woman to channel this Halloween. Cleopatra’s attire will make you look regal, exotic, and give everyone a glimpse of your glowing tanned skin. Plus, you can experiment with make-up to create your Egyptian look, which is always a fun bonus. You can use Caribbean Mineral Eyeshadow to complete your dramatic eyes.


Greek Goddess

Show off your inner goddess with this elegant costume this Halloween. This costume is so great because of how simple it is. You can match a flowy white dress with killer sandals. The white will really bring out your tan making you look hot and elegant. To finish the look off, use a Greek goddess headdress. This costume also great if you and your significant other want to do a couples costume. Now you can both show off your tan.

Wear any of these costume ideas to show off your gorgeous tan this Halloween. If you need any help with getting your flawless tan without the harmful effects of the sun, shop our selection of sunless tanning lotions. We are also offering 35% off our tanning lotions to help you achieve your golden tan look this Halloween. Just use code HALLOWEEN35 when checking out.*


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