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SUN LABS Ultra Dark 8oz Lotion Set

Try the BEST Self Tanner on the Market!

What is the best self tanner out this year? Let's find out!

Published: 10/03/17 by Gaby

Sunless tanning has been a beauty trend and secret that hasn't gone out of style. You can count on your favorite celebrity or artist to be a part of this trend! It's also recommended by doctors to prevent any skin cancer or damage to your skin. Your skin will thank you and you'll look youthful.

Have you walked by the self tanner isle at the beauty supplies or while browsing the internet and wondered which one was the best for you? Which one will leave you looking orange? Which one will give you the perfect tan look? With the help of a few colleagues we tested and rated the Top Self Tanner!


It is 100% possible to get a perfect glowy sun kissed tan all year round!

You will get a unbelievably realistic tan!

This upcoming winter you can look naturally tan without anyone comparing you to an orange.

Everyone will be asking where you vacationed this winter. It'll be our little secret!


Sun Labs Ultra Dark 8oz Lotion Set

Sun Labs Ultra Dark 8oz Lotion Set

  • This is the complete package!

  • This company is CRUELTY FREE!

  • Absolutely gives a gorgeous tan color. No orange or streakiness!

  • Fantastic for the skin. The Tan Maintainer is perfect for maintaining the tan and moisturizing your skin! The exfoliator gets rid of dead skin and dirt so your tan will be even.

  • Your tan lasts long, so you won't be re-applying every 3 days like other tanners require.

  • Smells amazing! Cherry-Amarado perfection! No chemical smells that keep people 5 feet away.

  • Finally this set is super easy to apply! It comes with instructions and bonus goodies!

    Sun Labs is in its own lane! This self tanner set is inexpensive and worth every penny. 
    This tanner gives a tan that looks like you got it at the beach or better yet off the coast of Italy. Super easy to use, no hassle, smells great and gives great results every time. Gives a beautiful year-round tan!

    Sun Labs Ultra Dark 8oz Lotion Set

    The set comes with:

    • Sun Labs Body Exfoliator Scrub 8oz

    • Sun Labs Ultra Dark 8oz Lotion

    • Sun Labs Tan Maintainer Moisturizer 8oz

    • Sun Labs Black Mitt

    • Sun Labs Latex Pair of Gloves

    • Sun Labs 3 Stickers

    • Sun Labs Instruction Sheet

    Don't wait to purchase! Buy it now and get your sun kissed tan today! You will not regret it!

    It's only $39.95

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