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Sun Laboratories Medium Strictly Faces Creme 2 oz.



Important Facts About Product

Instantly tints skin to avoid streaks or patches

Organic sugar based DHA formula

Fast and easy to apply

Promotes moist skin

Great for all skin types

A deep dark tan for face and body

Rich dark color sets within three hours

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>Before and After Sunless Tanning

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Best Rated Self Tanning Lotion

Sunbathing makes your complexion look more desirable. The downside to it is it also significantly increases your chances of having deadly skin cancer. Whenever you feel like doing your health a huge favor, switch to getting a fake suntan. Using the best rated self tanning lotion can make everyone think that your fabulous skin tone was obtained at the beach and not indoors.

The market's best rated self tanning lotion  is the only topically applied product that can give you a sun-kissed glow that looks real. It uses a special formulation with DHA in it in order to mimic the unmistakable color of a suntan. Choosing to apply such product saves you from the embarrassment of being caught sporting an orange and mottled complexion.

Purchasing that best rated self tanning lotion  may require you to shell out a little more cash that when buying a substandard rival. However, this serves as your guarantee that the resulting fake suntan is going to attract flattering remarks instead of odd stares. There's a reason why today's best rated self tanning lotion brand sells like hotcake.

The maker of this topical solution has devoted lots of time and cash just to find out the proper formulation needed to make a best rated self tanning lotion possible. The consumer's welfare and satisfaction are also taken into account. You can never go wrong opting for that best rated self tanning lotion . Right away, it can give you a stunning skin color minus the risks.

DHA is the most important ingredient used by the best rated self tanning lotion . This chemical is regarded safe by the FDA for topical application. Because it is a naturally-existing substance, DHA won't leave the skin irritated. The color which highly resembles a real suntan becomes evident in as little as 3 hours. Expect it to darken further after 24 to 72 hours until you have the most intense color DHA is capable of creating.

Using a DHA-based best rated self tanning lotion  is the key to sporting a natural-looking fake suntan for 3 to 7 long days. When you notice that the shade is lightening, simply reapply the solution for an instantaneous touch-up. It's nothing like counting on something that contains only bronzer whose effect vanishes quickly when you hit the shower or take a swim.

Today's best rated self tanning lotion  usually has other ingredients for the skin's benefit. Scan the label if it contains vitamin C or E. Both serve as antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals which damage healthy cells and accelerate the aging process. Check that the tanner also moisturizers the skin to keep it soft as well as to help make the resulting tan last longer.

If you have not tried having an indoor suntan before, it's a good idea to use only the market's best rated self tanning lotion . This will save you from thinking that nothing can rival the sun when it comes to making your complexion look better. This product is made to produce a rich brown skin tone that's smooth all over, not an orange and mottled one which looks evidently artificial.



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