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Sun Laboratories Exfoliating Sisal Glove

Natural exfoliating sisal glove. 
Sun Labs Eco-Friendly Exfoliating Gloves are truly the best addition you can think of to your bath. 

This natural exfoliating sisal glove will help you exfoliate and scrub your skin the way YOU want it. 

The unique texture provides a whole different exfoliating experience and can provide the results YOU want for your skin, in order to keep it young and beautiful.

♥ Naturally Remove Dead Skin Cells 
♥ Unclog Pores 
♥ Stimulate The Circulation Of Your Blood 
♥ Reduce The Growth Of Body Hair 
♥ Make Your Skin Smoother And Healthier 





About the Product





  • Natural exfoliating sisal glove
  • Comes with an in depth printed guide in many different languages
  • Natural, eco-friendly, gloves with phenomenal attributes that will help you produce a soft silky skin while exfoliating your body.
  • Sun Labs is a world renowned beauty company and the ONLY company to offer this low price!

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